Hilda Fankah-Arthur has years of experience working with diverse and minority groups from Africa and in North America. She brings broad knowledge and experience in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as well as strong interculturalism including Indigenous relations in Canada.

Hilda is the Senior Policy Advisor for the Government of Alberta where she provides expert advice on policy, program, and service development that impacts diverse populations in Alberta. She is a Ph.D. student at the University of Alberta with her research is focused on African Indigenous Knowledge and its influence on the identities and education of Black African Immigrant Students within Canada’s Multiculturalism.

Hilda inspires, motivates, and presents her research work at international diversity, leadership, and multiculturalism conferences and is a recipient of academic excellence awards. Her passion to advance diverse populations and to ensure their full participation in Canadian society is what drives her work and initiatives at the Centre For Intellectual Excellence. 

Hilda previously served as the Board Chair for the Council for the Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta (popularly known as Africa Centre). Her leadership at the Africa Centre initiated a transformational organizational restructuring to efficiently serve the African population in Edmonton and greater Alberta. 

Prior to joining the Government of Alberta, Hilda was a Principal instructor/Lecturer at the University of Alberta where she taught pre-service teachers Aboriginal Education and Context for Professional Engagement. She holds a Masters in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University in California, USA, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. She is also a certified Child Development Supervisor in Alberta.

Hilda is married to Patrick Kwabena Arthur and a proud mother to three beautiful children.