Dr Patrick Adda, PEng, is geomatics engineering professional with specialities in geospatial intelligence and engineering for a cross platform of organizations across multiple countries. Dr Adda has a PhD in Geodesy and Geomatics engineering from the university of New Brunswick, Canada. He has a masters in Geoinformation from the Stuttgart University of Applied Science and a BSc from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science of Science and Technology, Ghana.

Dr. Adda is a passionate supporter of diversity and inclusion and volunteers to help promote the well being of the Alberta community. From humble beginnings in Ghana, where community support is probably the best chance a talented person has to develop, Patrick understands the purpose of this organization. Broad management and critical engineering ethics will help us evolve the group to be impactful in our communities. 

Dr. Adda is married and lives with his family in Calgary, Canada.